Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harley Girl.

Back in May, I saw a post on Belly Rubs Basset Rescue, the place where I got Sebastian, about a momma and dad basset pair that were in the floodwaters over in Arkansas - their owner had fled, leaving behind the dogs, the mother was very pregnant and nesting. A neighbor saw them and called the rescue, who came and got the pair of dogs and took them in. The next day, the momma dog had puppies - 9 full bred basset hounds. They posted on their website looking for homes and I'm a sucker for a good basset hound. 

Two months later, here we are with Harley. In June I went to the foster mom's house in Knoxville to pick her out:

All the puppies in the kennel when I got there - 
 Playing with two of Harley's sisters -
 Harley is on the far right, sleeping away in my lap -
 My girl -
 Still sleeping -
 We got her on Saturday and life has been a little busy around here ever since. We've been chasing her, taking her to use the bathroom about every 20 minutes, feeding her, putting her down for naps, and repeating the cycle. 

Here she is meeting her brothers - 
 So curious - what is that evil sounding machine?

 She's already got the basset stare down -
We got her a pink bed, lots of new toys, and a pink collar.
 And yet she prefers sleeping on the floor!
 She's had lots of visitors, including my brother Ezra
She had been spayed before we got her and when we got her, we noticed her incision had reopened and so we had to take her to the vet to re-stitch the spot (she had a hernia that they had to fix too) so she got a cone of shame!

Eating is hard - 

 The cone doesn't stop me from playing!

 So there you have it - you've met Harley, our newest basset! I'm quite sure more pictures will be forthcoming. Now, off to the vet to check on these stitches and hopefully get the cone removed!

In puppy breath,
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Mrs. Limestone said...

Ridiculously cute!!

Hilary Dow Ward said...

OH YAY - What a precious angelic puppy. I'm so glad she has a wonderful home with you and Jake. I'm sure her brothers will love her. What does her feline brother think of her? It's good you've got another woman in the house! Love her pink necklace. Very cute.


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