Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eat there: Big Ed's Pizza, Oak Ridge, TN.

After my Pizza Hut experience the night before, my training group let me drag them for real pizza today - we went to THE place in Oak Ridge, Big Ed's Pizza.

Big Ed's is one of those places you hear about from everyone. I posted on fb that I was going to Oak Ridge and had several friends tell me to go to Big Ed's. I'd actually been last year (when I came to this same training) but didn't really remember whether it was good or not (probably because I was so stressed about teaching a new class). So I'm glad we went back this year because it was DELICIOUS.
 Big Ed is no longer with us, but his restaurant has been going strong for many decades. It is a hole in the wall type place, cash only. I had heard such great reviews that I was pretty surprised that some people online didn't like it - said it was too greasy, etc. Well it is greasy but that is part of what makes it good. I'm a pizza expert and I can tell you this isn't your regular ole pizza. 

Side note though - don't go to Big Ed's expecting customer service. The waiters and waitresses don't really care about you or your needs. It is a place that gets a lot of people in and out so you're packed in there and the waitress doesn't check on you much. In fact, gross story... the people next to us had 4 kids under the age of 5 and one on the way (no lie). We noticed a strange smell after they were gone and looked over to see a dirty diaper on the floor. We told the waitress and she shook her head and walked off, not picking it up. I mean I don't blame her. But really. Some people. 

Poopy diaper aside (still gross), Big Ed's pizza is a must if you're in Knoxville or Oak Ridge.
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