Monday, July 25, 2011

To-Do List: Front Bathroom Updates

When we moved in, the front bathroom was pretty plain:
We tore out the cabinet above the toilet, changed out the medicine cabinet for a mirror, changed the light fixture, painted, and changed out the shower curtain and window treatment. Here's a more recent picture, with Tyson modeling: 
I'd love to continue the update process by painting the vanity black, put a new white top on that vanity with a seamless sink and this faucet, a reproduction of one that would have been original to the house:
 This one is $24 at Home Depot, so a little more manageable than a real one. 

I'd also like to put in a thick waffle weave white shower curtain like this one from Target:
I'd hang it higher than the curtain rod right now so that it makes the room feel bigger. I'd also like to make a "faux" treatment for the window using some fun fabric into a roman shade... although I haven't found quite the right thing. I wanted to use the teal from the wall, black from the tile, yellow from the hallway, and maybe some hints of pink. I spent hours browsing fabric sites and only have a few leads, nothing I'm too excited about...
Fiesta at Joann

Lulu Strip at

Sultana Lattice at Calico Corners
Key West from Calico Corner

But I'll have plenty of time to find that fabric because the bathroom update won't be happening any time soon. Thank goodness for extra time, right? Sigh... You know, money doesn't grow on trees! 

In the meantime, where do you like to go for good fabric (online or in Memphis)?
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TootieFlootie said...

I'm sure you know this fabric site, but I think their selections are fun. :0)


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