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{Browser Window Shopping}: The Quest for the Dining Chair.

We love our dining room chairs. We found them at World Market back before we even had a house, before we were even living together. I saw them in Knoxville, freaked out and called Jake, and made him drive to the World Market in Memphis (that has since closed) and buy 4 chairs. At the time he thought I was crazy, seeing as we didn't have a place to live, let alone a dining room, but I'm sure he has since seen my wisdom.

It has been over 4 years since we bought those chairs. The dining table that we have (a Pottery Barn table, found at a consignment furniture store by my mom for $30!) has a leaf that makes it sit 6 people. We usually only have the round, original table but lately I've found more and more reasons to have 6 places.

I've got two white chairs that are cute and get the job done serving as extra seating when we have company. They are great chairs but if I am going to keep the leaf in the table permanently, I want two arm chairs for the ends of the table.

I've been on the hunt for these armchairs for some time and have the following criteria: they must be at least the height of the other chairs (38 inches), they need to look purposefully not matched to the other chairs (since I can't find these original chairs, I don't want it to look like a sad attempt to match), and I would like them to mimic the farmhouse style of the table set (nothing ornate or too modern).

The quest for these dining chairs has led me to many dead ends. Mostly cost is an issue - I find wonderful chairs but at not so wonderful prices. Exhibits A and B are below:

This chair below would be so wonderful - we don't have much white in the room so that would be a welcome addition. The arms being wooden ties in nicely with the brown rush chair seat of the existing chairs. But the price? Yeah, not happening.

Wisteria, $749

Next up, I love the armchair of this Neiman Marcus bamboo outdoor dining set. I love the idea that it is a totally different concept than the other furniture but still goes well with it. But again, the price thwarts the quest for the dining chair.

Neiman-Marcus Bamboo Arm Chair, $625

The next series of chairs I have found are in a more reasonable price range (we've moved from no way in hell to a maybe some day level) but are still pretty unattainable at the present.

I randomly found this chair online and was pleasantly surprised that you can pick the fabric of the cushion out of about 100 options. Can you visualize this chair with a tan seat cushion? I think it would look fabulous. - Martinique Dining Chair, $228

My current chairs have a rush seat to them and so these chairs would go very well with them. They even have the same colors, which is pretty neat. I do worry about trying too hard to match to the others, as these are a little more curvy/ornate than mine, which are straight across in the back. But I still love them.

Ballard Designs - Genoa Armchair, $399

If I had unlimited funds, this would honestly be the chair I would choose. I love the rush seat and the fact that the chair back is a totally different design than mine, as to not look too matchy. And they are actually semi-reasonable on Pottery Barn standards.

Pottery Barn - Napolean Rush Seat Armchair, $279

These last two chairs - these are more my kind of chair. At these prices I wouldn't feel bad running out and getting these chairs (if it weren't for pesky things like bills and Christmas presents). Oddly, they are both from World Market like my current chairs.

This first chair is really quite perfect. Even though it is an outdoor chair, I think it would work very well. I would maybe even put a beige cushion on it. And you can't beat that price.

World Market - Valencia Outdoor Dining Chair, $80

Going a totally different direction, I really love this linen chair. I think it reminds me of the first ($700) chair on this post but also has a completely different take on a dining chair that would be fun and quite classy without being too ornate. And they are still quite reasonable.

World Market - Linen Hayden Chair, $179

Realistically, I won't be buying any dining chairs anytime soon. I have two great chairs, I don't "need" them. But isn't it fun to have something to constantly be on the quest for as you shop?

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andrea @ my kinda perfect said...

I LOVE the last one! I think it adds a sense of casual and comfy but also a little formal, which is fitting in a dining room. And it doesn't match (or try to), but 'goes' with the other chairs well. Save your Christmas pennies! =)


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