Wednesday, December 12, 2012

{Make this}: Baby Baked Brie Bites.

Gotta love alliterations - baby baked brie bites...

 Christmas brings lots of fun traditions, including my friend Robyn's ornament exchange party. This was my 5th ornament party and I have learned a lot about ornament party strategy. See, everyone brings a wrapped ornament and puts it in the center of the room. Then you draw a number and the fun begins. Starting from lowest to highest, you have rounds of the game. Number one picks their ornament out of the pile. Then number two can either steal or pick a new ornament. It starts out pretty simple, with short rounds. But by number 25, steals go on endlessly and people can be ruthless. And it is lots of fun.

Another part of the fun for the ornament party is the food people bring. This year I made up an idea that I had been wanting to try out. I love baked brie but it is hard to eat in social settings so I came up with the idea of making bite-sized baked brie. I've been getting the brie log roll lately and I thought it would be fun to slice it up and wrap the pieces individually in crescent roll.

Here's my action shot:

Unrolled the crescent roll and found the best strategy was to cut two triangles out of every big triangle.

Here they are all wrapped up and ready to go in the oven:

 I followed the directions on the crescent roll package to cook and encountered an issue that I knew I'd have - spewage. The brie cheese oozed out of the brie bites in the places I wasn't careful enough with the seams in the folding. Important step.

Also after they come out of the oven I drizzled honey over the bites.

And here they are at the party:

My reaction to this experiment was that straight out of the oven they were amazing. I would absolutely make these again but I would make sure it was when I was serving people at my own house or had access to an oven where I could cook them there. Just like a big baked brie, once they got cold they didn't taste that great. But warm? Goodness...

So with my baby baked brie bites in hand, here I was off to the party:

The party wasn't a "tacky" party  but I couldn't resist wearing my Christmas tree headband that I got at Target.

Here's that pile of ornaments at the party!

And here is my loot - tacky Christmas sweater ornaments:

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