Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{Craft this}: Merry Mail & Christmas Wreath Craft Time.

Two weekends ago I got an itch to get crafty. These happen every once in a while - I stock up on craft supplies and do nothing with them and then out of the blue I get this craving to create. So, with Christmas around the corner, I made three different Christmas crafts and then an extra fun school-related craft.

My dining room turned into craft central (also, unrelated but check out those cute ornaments for an ornament exchange party I went to - they were hanging out with the gourds waiting for the party).

I started with a random piece of wood, painting it green to prepare my first project. While it was drying I started on my second project - wreaths. If you look at this picture below, in the right side there are red and yellow wreath forms. They were $1 in the Target dollar section and are by far the best wreath forms I've ever worked with. And I only got two. I should have gotten more.

I had fabric from a random Michael's trip (they sold Christmas fabrics rolled up by the yard for some outrageously low price) and so I made one of my fabric wreaths, wrapping 2 inch sections of fabric around a wreath form. I had this foam "Merry Christmas" sign from the dollar section of Target as well and it matched and fit perfectly for this project!

In the midst of those two projects, I started another project as well. I had seen pins on Pinterest where people had a chalkboard with the lyrics to "Oh Holy Night" written in calligraphy script. I had an extra scrap of wood and some black spray paint so I sprayed the board black and used my gold paint pen to write the lyrics on the board.


Starting my version..

Now back to the first green board - last year I saw a pin on Pinterest that I replicated, an idea called "Merry Mail" where you have clothespins on fabric strips or ribbon to hold Christmas cards. I made one for myself and one as a gift last year and thought it was a lot of fun.

After painting the board, the next step was to draw the words on the board. After this I painted dots on the board, filled in with some silver detail, and added the fabric strips with a glue gun.

The final products:

My fabric wreaths, on the left a bee wreath for school and on the right a Christmas wreath.

My pinspired Christmas sign:

And my Merry Mail sign, now hanging in Elise's apartment as part of her birthday present!

Another craft frenzy taken care of, with many products to show for it. Until next time...

In craft-induced time sucks,

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Mrs. Kannady said...

So cute!!! I gave you thumbs up then, and I give you thumbs up now!


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