Monday, December 12, 2011

Pinspiration: Merry Mail.

Yet again, another post about Pinterest. I love Pinterest. The latest thing I've pinned and subsequently made was a card holder for Christmas Cards. I saw this picture/link on Pinterest:
I followed the link and it turns out these signs are made (coincidentally) by a set of moms in Memphis (small world!). They have a site called Two Chics where they sell frames, art, and crafts.

When I saw this pin, I knew I had to try my hand at it. Here is my version.

Supplies - Wooden plaque, paint (green/red/glitter), paint pens, clothespins, ribbon, sponge brush, and round sponge brush pack (all from Michael's)

Painting step - several coats of paint needed. Also painted the tops of the clothespins.

After painting and letting it dry, I drew on the "Merry Mail" in paint pen and put the red dots on with the round sponge brush. I had never used the round sponge brush before and I'm hooked. It made perfect circles. You need to dab down and twist just a little to get definition.

Then I added gold lettering around the words, circles, and edge.

And last, I added my ribbon. I did ribbon instead of fabric like they did just because it is what I had. I did five strips at the bottom and a piece to hold it on the wall at the top:

 It hangs in the dining room, which is visible from the living room and front door - so we can look at the fun cards all season!

It was fun to make and I like it a lot - but if I was doing it again, I'd definitely use a longer wooden piece (Michael's was flat out of them yesterday, as well as a lot of other things) and make the strips longer. I'm wondering what this will look like once we get more than three Christmas cards!

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