Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make this: Easy Potato Soup

Gotta love those holidays... parties everywhere and with parties comes food that is bad for you... right? Not necessarily. My bff Chandler threw a fabulous little nail polish swap for a few of our friends the other night. We each brought a nail polish wrapped to play dirty santa with. It was a great time - and what we ate made it even better! It was the only party so far that I haven't felt like slipping into a food coma afterwards. Granted what I made risked that (jalapeño bacon bites - more on that tomorrow) but everything else was great!

Jennifer brought pretzels and hummus (love) and Chandler made a walnut, craisin, and blue cheese salad with an olive oil and vinegar dressing that was delicious. But the main course, the potato soup with toppings bar, is what I'm blogging about. Because it was awesome and awesomely easy. Chan got it from her fabulous friend, Melissa, who got it off the world wide web (gotta love that place):

To make this soup, you need:
a bag of frozen hash browns or other "mashing" potato frozen item
3 cans or two large boxes of chicken broth (although Chandler used stock and it was great)
2 packages white gravy mix

1) Put the potatoes and half the broth into a pot and boil
2) In a smaller pot, mix the rest of the broth and  the gravy
3) Once the potato mix is boiling, stir in the gravy mix
4) Serve!

Chandler served with shredded cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and tortilla strips to top with. It made a delicious and pretty healthy soup (I've been told a cup of it is actually 1 WW point).

After eating, we drew numbers and swapped our polish -

McRae drew first and got this nail polish -
 But I stole it with my number 6! Here are some of the girls and our polishes:
 And here are my nails once I got home -

In good parties and good friends,
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