Thursday, December 15, 2011

Muddy's Open House.

I love Muddy's Bake Shop. I'm lucky that they are in East Memphis because I would go entirely too much. Walking in, it just feels like home. Everyone is so happy to work there, it is brightly colored, everything is cute, and it is so yummy.

I don't even like cupcakes or cake in general but I love Muddy's cupcakes. So when they blogged about their holiday open house, I knew I had to go. And, just as yet another reason why we're bffs, my bff Elise told me she wanted to go without me even mentioning it, so we made it a must-do. She was back from Yale (she's smart) that day so it was the kick-off to her holiday break!!

So the Open-House was fabulous. They had samples of their holiday treats fo'free. Free! There were Santa Baby cupcakes (my favorite - chocolate with peppermint icing), Egg Nog cake, Reindeer Cake, and more. They also had taste tests of 4 types of coffee to find one to be their signature coffee. I don't really "do" coffee but we decided on #1. Our coffee expert, Elise's mom, was along and she told us it was the best:
Lots of people came and it was just so much fun -
 I definitely recommend Muddy's for your sweet tooth. I'm currently craving some of their peppermint bark - yum.

We left with full hearts and bellies. Good food, good friends, good times.

In cupcakes and cheer,
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