Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life lately with pets.

My girl is getting sweeter and bigger every day. We had some q-time the other night while Jake was at a dinner for med school:

Meanwhile, Beamer took it upon himself to take a pillow from the couch and get comfortable on the chair:

Another Harley pic:

Sebastian always sits on top of the couch watching dogs and people walk by, occasionally barking to alert us, and it seems he has taught the little one to do the same thing. I love that she is sitting on a pillow - she loves pillows.

 You may notice a theme with Beamer's pictures. He sleeps a lot. This particular day was the morning after a big night for Beamer. We came home to an empty box of Milano cookies on the floor - no packing to be found anywhere. He was sick the whole night.

So we did a lot of sleeping and lounging around - Ty included:

But also set out on a mission to find the missing Milanos. We don't really know how many he ate because we haven't found the packaging for any except these three, which were found wedged behind the bed, buried in the laundry, and in Jake's closet under some polo shirts:

Again with Harley and the pillows. The couch isn't good enough, she had to pull pillows down to sit on:

And last, a picture of Sebastian - he loves to be up in people's face.. all the time. We captured it:

In furry friends making me smile,
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Anonymous said...

Oh I just love your sweet sweet animals!! So cute :)

Unknown said...

Thanks!! I checked out your blog - love your pups and am inspired by your yoga dedication! My friend does yoga a lot and loves it. Maybe I should try:)


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