Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make this: Jalapeño Bacon Bites.

These guys have been all the rage on Pinterest. And I mean, who doesn't love cheese, bacon, and a little spice? I made the famous jalapeño bacon bites for our polish party the other night and am hooked on this appetizer. Fast, easy, delicious. What more do you need? I got this recipe by modifying a few different ones I found online..

You need:
jalapeños (fresh, however many you want to make, I used 8 to make 16 halves, which made 32 bites)
cream cheese (we used the new cooking kind that is an easier consistency)
old bay seasoning
garlic powder
onion salt

1) Halve your jalapeño (you'll want to cut the stem if it isn't already off) and carve out the seeds and membrane of the pepper (that is the spicy part)

2) Mix your seasoning, garlic powder, and onion salt into your cream cheese (I just sort of dumped evenly, to taste) and stir. Put that mixture into your jalapeño boats.

3) Wrap the bacon around your creation - I found that if you start with the wide end of the bacon and go from there, it works well.

4) Cook on 375 degrees for about 40 minutes (watch them and use judgement - we have a convection oven and that helps a lot).

5) Cut in half and serve hot!

**We cooked these with a cookie sheet that had a broiler pan on top of it so that the cookie sheet caught the grease. Some similar contraption will serve you well or else you'll end up with burned bacon pieces pretty fast.

In liking it spicy and salty,
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