Monday, December 19, 2011

Go there: Memphis Dog Park.

Since we have a pretty fair-sized back yard, we have never had a reason to take our guys to a dog park. Plus there had never been one close enough and Sebastian doesn't like car rides (and then you get into taking two and not Sebastian and how he would feel to be excluded). But with my brother having a basset now, Oscar, we felt it was time for Oscar to hang out with his own. Knowing that Beamer can be a little territorial of his turf, we figured that common ground was best. Plus there is a Midtown dog park now, just about a 2 minute drive from here, so we were totally there.

It is a pretty big area, fenced, a small dog side and a big dog side. We had trouble deciding if we were small or big (we're short and long but hefty) but the weight limit said over 25 lbs for the big side and since Beamer is about 65lbs, we went with big. There were lots of dogs to play with.

Ezra and his non-girlfriend girl friend brought Oscar along, who had a grand time chasing everyone around the park. Here's Ez, Emily, and Sebastian:
Beamer liked running with the big dogs and made lots of friends, especially if someone would throw him a ball -
They ran and ran and ran. It really tired them out. Here's our girl after playing her little heart out:
They were pooped on the car ride home:

And when we got back, they all passed out asleep!
I definitely recommend taking your four-legged canine friend to the dog park. We met some nice people and wore our dogs out. Way to go Memphis for having a Midtown Dog Park!

In drool and droopy eyes,
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