Friday, December 30, 2011

Make this: Pastrami Wrapped Pickles.

Two years ago I blogged about making Prosciutto Wrapped Pickles, a recipe I got from one of Jake's mom's neighbors. At the time I was frustrated because they didn't look good (though they tasted awesome) and were very hard to make. So this Christmas when Jake's mom made them for our Christmas Eve gathering, I asked her how she did hers - turns out she used pastrami instead of prosciutto. And so I set out to try it again.

The other night my bff Elise and her bf Nate (get those abbrevs?) came over for a civilized, grown-up, home cooked dinner. She's home for Christmas from Yale where the smarty-pants is in a Master's program. And since I'm bragging, her boyfriend Nate's band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (remember, I blogged about them here) were featured on the NBA's Christmas montage this year. Here's the Youtube and here's an article about it.

Well so they came over for a Christmas dinner  - we made the Southwestern Skillet Chili that I blogged about a few weeks ago and a simple salad with almonds, gorgonzola cheese, and a olive oil/vinaigrette dressing. Elise brought rolls (from Buntyn's recipe, now sold in Germantown at a ready-made food store - ridiculously good) and we also picked up a bottle of wine. So civilized.

(And I used my Christmas dishes!! Thanks, Mom!!)

So back to the pickles. Elise and I share a love of pickles so I knew that I should make them for our dinner since I've been wanting to re-try my hand at them. And this time? Much easier than last and just as yummy. While I love the taste that the prosciutto gives, the pastrami holds up better and is just as good-tasting.

What you'll need:
Whole pickles (I recommend Claussen or Boar's Head)
Cream Cheese (I'd recommend the block, even though it is a pain to mix, it stays on the pickle better)
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic Salt
Thickly sliced pastrami (several slices, depending on how many pickles you're making)

What you'll do:
1) make your cream cheese mixture. blend the cheese with about a tablespoon of worcestershire sauce (add more to taste) and some shakes of the garlic salt (again, to taste). if you can, let this sit for a bit to "mull"

2) take a pickle out of the jar - dry it with a towel (this is actually sort of important). cut the ends off
3) slab on the cream cheese mixture on the pickle (I use a butter knife)
4) roll up the pickle into the pastrami

5) slice up the pastrami into about inch thick pieces (a serrated knife is best)

Repeat this process until you have as many as you want!

In my two favorite foods - pickles and cheese - being together,
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