Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recipe Update: Potato Sausage Pizza.

 Friday night last week we had Jake's family over for dinner. His parents and sisters came over (Josh was missing - something about a little football game he had to watch versus Arkansas?) and we made four different pizzas. I've raved about the Fresh Market frozen pizza doughs, so of course we stopped by FM to get some dough and ingredients.  Here's they are:

We made a margherita pizza, a sausage/pepperoni/mushroom/garlic pizza, a pepperoni and pepperoncini pizza, and my favorite - the potato sausage pizza. People are always scared of that one and then love it when they eat it. I wanted to share the recipe again since the first time I didn't document well.

Side note - I'm in love with my kitchen (which is a good thing considering the time/money). We spread everything out on the island and were able to cook and talk at the same time.

Part of the process was prepping everything. To make it easier/faster, we cut/chopped/pealed everything before they came over. In this picture, the potatoes for the potato pizza are thinly sliced and sitting soaking in olive oil in the little dish in the back:

And so here are our results. I didn't get a chance to document the full pizzas of the second set because they were gone before I could get a picture, but that lets you know they were GOOD.

So now for the recipe for the potato sausage pizza. Last time we made it, I blogged about it very poorly here. And so hopefully this one is better.

You'll need:

pizza dough
potatoes (we used small Yukon Golds this time and that worked well - they need to be thinly sliced)
sausage (Italian is best - you'll ground it/cook it prior to putting it on the pizza)
mozzarella (fresh please, in balls)
tomato sauce/pizza sauce
garlic (minced)
spices (red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, salt, pepper)
Cavender's Greek Seasoning*

*we used this for the first time on the pizza this most recent time and I really think it was a game changer. Can be found on the spice aisle

You'll assemble your pizza by
1) laying out your dough - with the Fresh Market dough, I roll it in flour, flatten it out, then brush with olive oil and put parmesan cheese on it
2) spoon out your pizza sauce. we usually just use tomato sauce for this
3) lay out toppings - potatoes, sausage, mozzarella, garlic
4) add seasonings - red pepper flakes, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, Cavender's Greek
5) cook according to dough directions

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