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{Friends}: Elise's Birthday Weekend.

Last weekend I went to Nashville to celebrate my best friend catching up to me in age once again. Elise is 2 months and 19 days younger than me and has been by my side for my whole 27 years minus those lonely first months. Her birthday weekend just happened to coincide with Porter Flea's 2012 Holiday Market so it was perfect timing for a best friend weekend.

I got in Friday night after work and we went to our favorite place in Nashville for dinner - Silly Goose. I love it there! I wish Memphis had more places like this - it is fresh, light, and healthy but still delicious.

They have this amazing rosemary lemonade that I got. Elise got their fruit tea and then we both had waters. I snapped a picture of our table because I thought it was hilarious that we had 4 mason jars on our table. I love a good mason jar.

I get the same thing every time I go - the Bird sandwich (chicken, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, bacon, and avocado) with couscous and salad on the side. It was very good.

We spent the rest of Friday night at Elise's, eating cupcakes (I brought her Muddy's!) and watching wedding TV shows.

Saturday brought Porter Flea! I originally heard about Porter Flea back in June when they had their summer market. Porter Flea is a huge market for arts/crafts booths. Think etsy but in one big building. It was held at the Marathon Music Works building, which is this really cool huge building that used to be a car production warehouse but closed in the early 1900s. Now it is hipster paradise, hosting music events and more.

We actually got a little too excited and got to the site about 45 minutes early so we went to a shop in the Marathon complex called Bang Candy Company. They make their own candy. We got hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows and waited around for the market to start.

I got a mocha with a peppermint marshmallow. It was delightful.

I also was able to snap this picture of Elise's bling - don't you love it? Nate designed it with a jeweler.

After a bit of waiting, we were some of the first people to be in the doors of Porter Flea. It was very exciting. There were a lot of people, so many things to see and things to buy!

The first booth we saw was one I ended up getting something from later. Yours Is The Earth is a company that has the most beautiful lettering on their products, which range from prints to tea towels to custom stationary and more.

We walked around taking in all of the different booths. I snapped a picture of this fun booth of vintage goods that was in a little camper. So precious!

We stopped at a cute booth that had sweet children's things like bibs and hats. Elise got a little polka dot bib to give as a present to a friend for Christmas. Owlette Collective had lots of fun things!

Next I spied this fun bike/world print, which I thought was really neat. Jude Landry is a graphic designer and he had a lot of prints that were masculine and funky.

Then we stopped at the best.booth.ever. It was a collection of vintage finds (I can imagine that these girls just hit up thrift stores for their awesome wares) and it was there that I scored the most amazing santa sweatshirt of my life. I will love and cherish it forever. My friend Caroline was with us and she got an awesome red reindeer one as well. We were ecstatic.

We had been excited about seeing the booth Thimble Press because her prints were quite cute. I especially loved her bushel and a peck print.

There were tons of people at Porter Flea - it was actually too crowded at times. Towards the end of when we were there (which was about an hour into the actual market) they reached fire code capacity and had to start going one-in-one-out.

After Porter Flea we hit up the food trucks that were out front. Naturally we got pizza (a shared passion of mine and Elise).

Then we went back to Elise's apartment and hung out for a while. Luna was glad to see us.

I also got my (early) Christmas present from Elise - she bought the 4 seasons prints from the Yours Is The Earth booth!

After a while we ventured back out, first going to Trader Joe's. Since we don't have a TJ in Memphis, I love going any time I'm in Nashville.

I snapped a picture of their blue hydrangeas since Elise loves them. Aren't these particularly pretty?

I got my favorite mandarin orange club soda water, some pappardelle pasta, tea tree shampoo, and candy cane joe-joes (a knock off oreo). All things that I can't get in Memphis. And by the way - that shampoo is legit.

Also I decided to wear my Christmas sweatshirt that night in Nashville so this is what I looked like going into the Trader Joe's. People were giving me some looks.

Next we went to one of my favorite antique stores, Wonders on Woodland in East Nashville.

While we were there, we took this sweet selfie. Gotta love a bestie who appreciates the silly selfies.

In the antique store I spotted this cute little jar with a turquoise top. I thought it would be perfect in my kitchen but couldn't justify spending $15 to get it! We have a large one (like the one with the red top in the back of the picture) already and I only spent $5 on it.

I loved their vintage Christmas decoration display. They had some ornaments like my parents have and that was fun to see.

I also saw this dresser and mirror - for only $175. I was in love. I really would have walked away with this (it was a STEAL) if I had a car that could have carried it home to Memphis. The drawers were in great shape and it was just so so perfect. Alas, I did not make it mine. But isn't it wonderful?

After antiquing, Elise and I headed back to Nate's apartment to cook dinner - and snapped this sunset picture on the way:

We made my favorite spaghetti sauce for dinner (with some salad and asparagus). My 3-ingredient spaghetti is just so easy and delicious. Elise picked the perfect onion and it was especially good this time. We watched sports and our friend Andie came over, which was SO FUN!

The next morning we did breakfast with a camp friend, Connally, and then went to two church services. Connally goes to St. Augustine's, which is where our friend Christy goes too. Elise worked with the priest there when she interned at Thistle Farms and so we went to St. A's for their 9:30 service. But then we went to 11AM church at Christ Church Cathedral because Nate wanted to go to church too. So we got 2 services, which was great by us - it was the first Sunday of Advent and we got in some great church time.

Then it was time for one last meal before hitting the road - Bread and Company with Christy was exactly what I needed!

Then I hit the road for Memphis, making it home for dinner. I had a great weekend but I sure was glad to be home - seeing my pups, my guy, and this silly cat:

It was a great trip, a great time with such a wonderful friend.

In loving best friends,
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