Saturday, December 8, 2012

{Life}: What I'm Loving..

Sometimes it is really nice just to have some pretty eye candy to look at. So in the spirit of all things pretty, here's a post on what I'm loving right now. Completely random, unrelated, but fun.

I'm loving all things yellow. I've never been a huge yellow person before but I love the color right now. My heart fluttered when I saw this picture of the royal couple leaving the hospital - the bouquet in Princess Kate's hands is just beautiful.

Source: Just Jared

I've been loving this turquoise kitchen cart from IKEA for some time now. I still don't exactly know what I'd do with it in my house but maybe a side table in the guest room? Or an end table in the den? It looks absolutely precious in this IKEA kitchen:

IKEA kitchen cart:

I can't get enough of these flair pens. I first discovered these in 3rd grade CLUE class and have loved them ever since. This is what I use to grade papers and write in my planner (yes, I color code my planner...).
Flair pens

I LOVE this duvet cover. I'm loving yellow (see above...) and so this wide stripe is so up my alley.

West Elm duvet cover

I was out shopping for Christmas with my mom today and spied some rolling weekender luggage in good ol' TJ Maxx. It reminded me that I've been lusting after some for a few years now but am too cheap to buy it for myself. The ones in the store were much brighter colors but not in a juvenile way, which I loved. But in general I love the "bowler" look, the wheels, and the leather straps on this Anne Klein one, which is the best I could find on the internet. There's also a great Diane von Furstenburg linked too, and it comes in burnt orange (!!). Maybe for my birthday next year or something...

Anne Klein Jungle Carry On Duffel Bag

Burnt Orange Diane vF bag

As the weather is getting colder around here, I am really digging these hipster inspired sweater-boot-slippers. I've seen them around a lot of places - Old Navy and Target seem to have the best deals on them.

I've been loving the show "New Girl" for a while now and every episode I find myself strangely attracted to the high school style bathroom in their loft. This picture (source) shows the two sinks, the large shower, the yellow tile, and in the reflection you can see the stall bathroom. If I had a really cool loft or modern house, I'd seriously think about having a bathroom inspired by this one. In fact the rest of their loft is really awesome too - check it out here:

When I visited Elise in Nashville I came face to face with a slight obsession of mine - vintage biergarten tables. The candy store we visited had one and I was terribly excited by it. In my future dream home I would love to have a patio "biergarten" where we could eat outside, play games, and more. I found these biergarten tables, which are a "reasonable" $699. You can buy your own here: Napa Style Biergarten Tables

Lastly, I've been loving helping plan my best friend's wedding!! Spending the weekend in Nashville with Elise was so much fun and Friday night we just stayed up watching silly wedding shows. Love it! Having pinterest around for wedding planning takes it to a whole new level - I can't believe I didn't have this when I was planning. Here's one of the images I love as inspiration for her wedding (source)

So there you have it - my love list for lately. Isn't it fun to sometimes just acknowledge all of the cute things in our world?

In loving yellow currently,

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