Saturday, December 29, 2012

{Make this}: Easy Mexican-ish Rice.

I've said this before but as you cook you learn what are your own "staples" of the pantry. Those things you in particular use over and over in addition to the real staples like olive oil and pasta. For my parents, it is canned tomatoes. Seriously their pantry is full of canned tomatoes. For us, I've found that it is black beans and rotel. We can use those ingredients in almost anything. And here's another....

The other day we were making chicken and decided to use our Tajin seasoning on the chicken to make it a little zesty. We had made something earlier in the week that used cilantro and lime so we had that leftover. Usually we would just make our favorite cilantro-lime rice (inspired by Chipotle) but this time we decided to add to it and it made a creation I just had to share. I call it "mexican-ish" because it really isn't mexican rice at all, only "ish".

Easy Mexican-ish Rice

You'll need:

White Rice (1 cup)
Cilantro (chopped, fresh)
1 Can Rotel (Cilantro Lime kind)
lime juice (1 lime, fresh)
Tajin seasoning

You'll do:

1) Make your rice

2) When the rice is done, stir in the rotel tomatoes (drained), cilantro, lime juice, and all the spices (to taste on spices, we just shook them in and stirred)

3) Serve as a side dish

And it is that simple! See, I told you it was easy.

In rotel and rice,

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