Sunday, December 30, 2012

{Go there}: Local on the Square.

I've loved all of these new(ish) places opening up in Downtown and Midtown Memphis. I really feel like it is part of Memphis really coming into its own and finding its identity as a city. Recently I was naming off places people could go eat that were fun downtown and my brother said he had never been to any of them - and I realized it is because most opened within the past four years while he's been at college. It is a fun time to be a Memphian.

Speaking of fun times, the investment in Midtown, specifically in Overton Square, is very exciting, especially for us Midtowners. One of our favorite bars, Local, had been working for some time on opening up in Overton Square and it finally opened a few weeks ago. It seems to be doing very well - this is the first time we have gone because it was so crowded (and I had waiting).

We decided to check out Local on the Square at happy hour while visiting with some friends in from out of town. The realty company restored the building (formerly occupied by Yosemite Sam's) and it is beautiful inside now. There are two levels and lots of different seating arrangements - tables, bars, chairs, depending on what you're there for. They revamped their menu a bit as well and I can't wait to try some of their new items.

While we were there we got our favorite, the bar fries. These are their shoestring fries covered in blue cheese, bacon, and scallions. Definitely a must if you're getting appetizers.

I have heard that they are still having some growing pains (long waits, slow service) but I'm hoping that with time that will get ironed out because I'm excited to have another hang out in Midtown - I'm not always up for driving (and parking) downtown and Bosco's gets crowded fast on Fridays at 5.

In Midtown being Memphis,
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