Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Seven: San Francisco

Our last full day of vacation. After taking a minute to mourn our loss of freedom and happiness, we set out across the bridge to Muir Woods. It was quite foggy so no good pics of THE bridge but I did get one ok one:
 We drove on over to Muir Woods, home of large trees sort of like the ones we already saw. It was very relaxing and cool. A good stroll.
 btw - totally got three pashminas in Chinatown (this turq one included) the day before. Awesome. 
 those are some tall trees. 
 us with tall trees. 
After Muir Woods we went down to Salsalito for lunch. It is a cute little town and we ate at this small place right off the water. Still foggy, but a good view:
We got back and hung out for a bit before going to Cafe Pescatore for dinner. I picked it out of the guidebook and was very much looking forward to this. 
 It did not disappoint. From the bread to the fresh caesar salads to the main courses, it was divine. Very laid back but fancy. Right in Fisherman's Wharf. Loved it. I did get carded for a glass to go with the table's bottle of wine, which threw me off, especially when she was about to give 20 yr old Jacob a glass with no questions. With my husband sitting next to me and a ring on my finger? Oh well. Got flustered but over it. Food made up for it and the brothers were 99% human, which was a plus. Doesn't always happen. A good end to a great trip. 

Jake and I lingered downstairs for a bit after dinner at the hotel's patio (the one from the previous day where his allergic reaction emerged). The best thing about these "patios" were they were semi-private (walls coming out between the seating) and had fire pits so it felt very calming even though you were in the middle of the driveway of the hotel! We sat down and enjoyed vacation just a bit longer before having to go in and pack to prepare for an entire day of travel:

Day Eight brought a trip to San Jose in rental car, a plane ride to Phoenix, a freak out when we forgot Phoenix doesn't observe DST and thought we missed our flight, delicious nachos from an airport restaurant, a plane ride to Little Rock, a car ride to Memphis, and finally... home. For a day before traveling for a work meeting. What a busy end to the summer!

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

I'm totally digging that fire pit and the cushions on that outdoor sofa. Nice!


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