Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go there: YoLo

When we were in Knoxville, we went to Menchie's and were introduced to the idea of self-serve yogurt. Our lives were forever changed. Once back in Memphis, we heard rumors of a new place being opened called YoLo. The one in Collierville was completed this summer but we wouldn't dare drive that far out East (we're midtowners, by golly). 

So, once the blogs and fb started buzzing that YoLo was (finally) complete in East Memphis, we buckled up, packed our provisions, took a bathroom break, and geared up for the "big trip" to East Memphis. (I only slightly kid).

Here's the deal. YoLo is worth it. Wow. First off, the idea is simple - self serve soft serve. You go to these stations and fill your own cup:
 There are six different banks with two flavors each (and a middle "mix up" option). I got two plops - a swirl of vanilla bean and espresso and a swirl of strawberry and birthday cake. This froyo is really good - Menchies was a little blah but this stuff is yummy. 

After you get your flavors, you put in your toppings:
I like that a lot of their toppings are local - the cookie dough is fresh from a local bakery, there is local fruit and honey, local granola, etc. They have your typical stuff, plus cereal and other fun things too. There is an entire wall of toppings. 

 A few notes:
- I recommend not overdoing the flavor combos. You could easily put a lot of flavors in one cup but it overwhelms the taste buds. I wanted four flavors so I did two separate piles. Jake went with just one. Last time, I got 5 flavors mixed together and it was not good. 
- It is priced by the ounce and gets pricey. Ours was 9$!!!

If you're a Memphian, check out YoLo in Erin Way Shopping Center. We'll definitely be back. I'm already craving it again.

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