Monday, August 23, 2010

On a spray paint kick.

I'm definitely on a spray paint kick. Advice about spray paint:

- if you want good colors and you're a midtowner, you have to go to East Memphis. Home Depot on Poplar at Avalon does not have the goods. Lowe's will change your life.

- buy the 2$ spray gun attachment. Really.

I have not been feeling our entry hall mirror for some time. Firstly, it is too small for the space. But short of buying a bigger mirror (and dropping $50+ already allocated to other home projects), I've been dealing. 

I decided to take my love of spray paint, though, and give my mirror a spiff up. Here she is!

 The lighter, painted look is much more me. I also decluttered a little by moving the platter to a different location where it is less likely to be knocked on the floor.

1 comment:

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Great color! That was a spray paint color? Like from a can? My prob with spray paint cans is that they usually don't have the shade I want. Tell me more about this $2 spray option? I'm not aware...more, more more! Looks good! Good job K-Jas!


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