Thursday, August 19, 2010

We've got samples.

What a long, strange trip it has been in the flooring department of our kitchen reno. Here's the chronicles of my kitchen flooring blog posts:

The one that started it all, pondering wood floors.
The one where I admitted I wanted not just wood floors but PAINTED wood floors.
The one where I switched my love from painted wood to checkerboard cork tiles.
The one where I admitted I wanted linoleum, as in the stuff used in school flooring.

And today, we actually took home samples!
 The cork will go in the den - we got a lighter and darker and are not sure which we like better. They are actually just on either side of the color of our wood floors. I like both for different reasons - the darker looks good contrasting the kitchen tiles but the lighter will open up the room more and I like the square pattern. 

The straw and white tiles are small samples of a bioform LEED certified tile that will go in the kitchen. It is modern linoleum. It will be in 12X12 squares, diagonal checkerboard. 

I included the couch pillows in the picture so the different colors of the room were all together - the green in the walls, the reds and oranges of the pillow. We'll most likely be painting the trim in this room white since we'll have new french doors and a window that will be painted white. 

So, which cork should we go with?


lauren @ gathering moss said...

i vote dark! the white trim will lighten the room, and you can always add a lighter rug.

Hilary Dow Ward said...

I'm going to vote light cork. I like the pattern in the floor. The one question being, does the pattern in the floor and the pattern of the painted paneling bother you? If it doesn't, I still pick the light tiles.
I just read Lauren's's funny because I was going to say the opposite that you could add a darker rug. HA!

Katydid said...

I vote lighter cork. It's still really neutral, but you can see more that it's cork. I think it shows a little bit more character.

Are the kitchen square tiles going to be that size or is that just a color sample?


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