Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want it now!

I've been on the search for what I'm calling a "butler's pantry" or kitchen hutch. I've found a few I've liked but nothing for the right price or look. Really, what I want is this buffet/hutch set from Crate and Barrel:

 (the Cabria hutch in Honey Brown as seen here)

What I don't like? The price. It is $1298, plus tax/shipping. I know that this is about the price of a nice piece I'd find in an antique store and that it is probably very much worth the money, but that is 10% of our kitchen budget!

In the spirit of a bargain, I hunted on IKEA and Target. I found this remarkably similar (though probably poorer in construction) version on Target's website for $499.99 (and free shipping):
Target's 2 Door Buffet with Hutch found here

Target's is a bit smaller, at 44W versus 51W and 70H versus 76H. Apparently the "glass" is actually plastic and it does require some tricky assembly. 

Another option is one I just spied off IKEA's website - to buy a buffet and put open shelving on the wall. This would be cheaper (buying just the buffet) is a different idea. We'll see...
What do you guys think - is the Target one a close enough look to warrant the $500 price tag?


Robyn said...

I like the Target one. :)

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Oh for Pete's sake...just get it over with and order one. I would personally root for the one from C and B. I think it is probably better quality. Think long term, and you should have at least one splurge in your project. PLUS, you probably won't live in this house forever...this is something that will go with you to the next house, etc.
Also-What about the one you saw in Bojo's? That one was beautiful. Needed a little work, but it was very nice.

Katydid said...

What would be the pricing on buying a buffet and then stacking a hutch on top? If you're not married to a wood finish, you could always get separate pieces and paint them.


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