Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do the people want?

So, one feature of Google Analytics is that I can see how people find my blog via search engine --what they type in. I was curious to see what trends I noticed, as I have been using GA for over a year now. There were two dominant topics people found my blog by searching:

1) Sherwin William's Beeswax color - people like seeing real rooms painted a certain color. My dining and living room are painted this color and I talked about it a lot during the big move (partially because there are actually TWO colors, beeswax and bees wax and one is a butter yellow, while the one I have is more of a golden straw yellow). I love this color, in case you've searched and tried to find pictures based on that. The label "house tour" or the link on the side will show you my take on the paint color Beeswax. 

2) Beer Battered Fried Pickles - last year we attempted to make our favorite treat, fried pickles. We've actually made them a few times since that post and perfected our methods quite a bit. We make the batter the day before, use ranch powder and Texas Pete, more garlic, and put the battered pickles in the fridge before frying them. We'll have to do a follow up post. 

I think these two top topics really explain my blog well. Here at Living, Learning, Loving, I like to think I provide a glimpse into normal life around the house. Some blogs are foodie, some are house decor, but we're just a little of everything. And that is life. 

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