Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make this: Margherita Pizza

It is no secret that I love pizza. In fact, pizza and pickles get blogged about most food wise over here. The other day I attempted to replicate one of my favorite pizzas in recent memory: the Margherita Pizza. 

 While I'd like to make my own dough, that is another project for another day. Use your own dough if you like. My less than technical recipe as follows:

1) dough - make it/unpop and unroll the canned stuff. Whatevs.
2) brush dough with olive oil
3) sprinkle minced garlic over oiled dough
4) lay sauce (I used a can of crushed tomatoes tonight)
5) sprinkle pizza cheese (moderate, less than normal)
6) slice small tomatoes and place them on pizza scattered
7) place fresh mozzarella pearls on the pizza, in a scattered fashion as well
8) de-stem and arrange basil leaves on pizza
9) top with grated fresh pepper and italian seasonings, cook at 350 until done



Katydid said...

Try not adding the basil until right after it comes out of the oven. It keeps it from turning black this way.

Unknown said...

Ah! Thanks, Definitely going to try that one next time. I want to grow my own basil. Until then, I'm over-paying at Schnucks for the fresh stuff.


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