Sunday, August 15, 2010

life update.

August is a hectic month for me due to work starting back. I figured it might be time for a life update, as here at our house things have been a-changin'. 

We started back to school, me with some exciting changes due to the addition of two AP sections of Human Geography. My brothers left for their sophomore year at UT. Three of my besties left/are leaving for grad school (Elise and Gracie to YALE and Ellen to SFAI). Jake had orientation and starts school tomorrow. Lots going on! 

Ellen took this fun pic of all our Episco-pals at Ellen and Elise's going away party at Brie's new hot fancy house in Cooper Young:
(I stole the pic from her picture site What's in a Frame - she's a fab photog).

So with Elise and Gracie gone (sad face but excited for them) and Ellen leaving (again, happy sad), Jake being relegated to the books most days of our life, and the bros back in school, things are a tad crazy. Good crazy. 

Friday was Jake's White Coat ceremony - sort of an induction to the doctor-hood. It was a nice little ceremony and we got to celebrate with his fam afterwards. 
Of course, all the while are cute animals have been hanging out, keeping us company. I spotted the three of them the other day all in the same corner, just napping and being together:
 And, just because he's cute, one more picture:

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