Friday, August 20, 2010

I love etsy.

Recently, three of my bffs went to grad school. I have to say that I LOVE because I was able to get them fun little gifts for their journey. I want to shamlessly plug etsy and especially the people I used because it is just such a great little arts and crafts community. I'm not getting any kick backs, but I sure wish I was because I have found so much on there to buy!!!

I love the shop My Personalized T-shirt because I got these super cute coasters:
 I love the Broward Patch because I got Ellen a camera strap because she's a professional photographer now!
 I think etsy is probably my go-to gift place now. You can literally find anything you want there!!! It is a bit dangerous.

1 comment:

Our Volunteer Family said...

I agree - I always find things too. I love ETSY :)


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