Monday, August 2, 2010

Yosemite/SF: Day Four

Sunday was our travel day. We got up and our first stop was to take some Ansel-Adams-esque pictures of Yosemite Falls:
Here's my attempt to be artsy:
We took some last Yosemite pictures:
 before heading on to brunch at the Awanhee Hotel. It was beautiful there - built as a place for the rich people to stay coming to Yosemite (before that, there weren't very nice lodging places). It had a Native American/Rustic Western feel to it but was very Arts and Crafts as well. 
 The brunch was a buffet with anything and everything you could think of. Breakfast, Lunch, Fish, Tenderloin, Chicken, Cheese, Sushi... you name it. I got a few different plates, with the last one being dedicated to dessert:
 Their macaroni and cheese was seriously the best I've had in a long time. 

After stuffing ourselves beyond redemption, we hit the road for San Francisco. It was about a 4 hour drive. We got in to our hotel (the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf) and were ready to check SF out. Our hotel was really nice and recently renovated. I loved the style:
Very trendy. It was also really accessible to everything we wanted to do. We walked everywhere. We decided to get dinner and the hotel recommended a place called Tony's Pizza in Little Italy. We walked up a few blocks and found it with a little help from some locals. We ordered 4 pizzas to share: a pepperoni and sausage specialty, a clam and garlic, a potato and rosemary, and my favorite, the margherita. 

While we waited, we spotted a sign that we had to take a picture with:
The food came shortly after and we dined. I'm STILL thinking about that pizza. Seriously, best of my lifetime. It tasted very much like pizza I've had in Europe (never been to Italy but there were some Italians making pizza in Germany, so close enough). I would fly to SF again just to eat at this place. I'm so serious. The story of Tony's is it was started after this guy (Antonio) entered a pizza making contest in Italy. He made the Margharita pizza and was the first American to win the contest. He came back and opened the shop in SF and business has been booming. Here's a few of our pies:
 We sat outside but under a heat lamp. One thing about SF - They tell you it is cold. That it will be 65-70 degrees. But it was COLD. And WINDY. 

After pizza, we hit up the gelato shop across the street. Another good choice. Delicious. If the theme of Yosemite was nature, the theme of this trip will be food. Those SF people can cook. 

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