Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Office Re-do

Way back when, Eric came to visit. We did a lot of things, namely eat good food, organize my coat closet, and stain a bunch of wood for shoe moulding and a desk. We got more done that weekend then I ever thought I could do. We (well, he) worked our butts off, with some trips to Home Depot and Target interspersed (and of course, Central BBQ). 

One of our big projects was an office makeover. With Jake in school, we use the office quite a bit and we wanted a bit L-shaped desk. These could be pricey so instead we built our own. Now, I haven't shown that in all these months because (believe it or not...) it isn't isn't "done." And by "done," I mean that the cork won't stay on the wall for my bulletin board and I'm going to have to go to plan d on that one. Plus some tidying is in order. Other parts of the office need help as well, as these cute decals I got for the wall over the futon have not stuck whatsoever. 

BUT, with the bad comes the good and so today I am here to share with you one project completed for the office.

Back in May I bought this chair at Gary's antiques on Central (a little junk store that calls itself an antique store). It has found its home in our office. I took a white shelf unit from the college days and spray painted it black (remember, I love spray painting things). We had my Nicholas Sparks collection to house (and assorted other novels of great importance) and some odds and ends - the baskets are from college days as well. I found the lamp at Walmart while shopping for yarn for a youth retreat. It was $15 (and that is a story...). 

We also are really excited to have a place to display Jake's grandfather's letter sweater from UT. He played on the 1951 National Championship team and Jake's parents have loaned this to us for our house. Since their house has become LSU territory for a bit, we've got to rep the Vols over here.  

Our colors for this room are orange, lime, and turquoise - so there are little pops here and there of those colors. I love bright colors!

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emwvaughan said...

Brad and I love that picture of the office! (In fact, I think Brad's exact comment was "Kathryn has such great taste!")


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