Sunday, February 20, 2011

Go there: Thyme Bistro

Tonight we went out for a nice family dinner after my dad's concert with the Memphis Men's Chorale (shout out to the guys - they sang at our wedding and are really good if you get a chance to hear them). Since the concert was off Quince, we decided to check out the new place out there, Thyme Bistro where Jarrett's was. 

Since it was Sunday night, they were serving an Italian special dinner menu. Good thing, because I'd been craving pasta all weekend. Everything looked good but Jake and I settled on splitting the lamb bolognese and a margherita pizza (both on their regular menu too). 

(iphone pic alert... stealthly taken as to not attract jeers from the fam)

 The verdict - This place is a keeper. I loved Italian night and plan to return. One thing I really liked (shout out to the frugalistas among us) was that you can order half orders on Italian night so you can get deliciousness for a fair price. And the pizza was big enough for lunch tomorrow - so also a bargain. This was probably the best Italian food I've had since I had legit Italian cuisine in Germany... its that good. I can't speak for their whole regular menu but these two are on it. 

So, go on a Sunday night and check out Italian night or go on a Tuesday-Saturday and eat off their regular menu. Either way, I'm sure you can't go wrong.

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

There's the pizza I'm looking for! That looks de-lish!


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