Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Update (sort of...)

So, haven't really said much about the kitchen lately... Because there isn't much happening. We got the appliances in but the counters are delayed. 

In the mean time, we did get the media center put in. As I mentioned before, our contractor built it for us custom and he painted it with lacquer paint to match the cabinets. It turned out even better than I expected:

Of course, this is the media center before the counters are on or any of the components are put on the shelf. One thing you'll notice is that the carpet doesn't come right to it - we're going to replace the carpet in our "Phase 2" but until then will have to live with that ugliness. Perhaps it will prompt us to save money quicker?

The other side of the cabinet (the end, facing the back door) is four squares that hold cookbooks - somehow it didn't get pictured. The counter will come over the whole thing to create an island (peninsula?) for us - yay for more counter space!

In saving our pennies so we don't have a bare stripe on our floor forever,
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