Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm currently craving... on etsy.

I've been thinking about two issues I have currently art wise:
1) I want something portrait-oriented and large to go above the antique sideboard in the kitchen. I had visualized a framed old map of North America...but really something with bright colors that looks vintage would be good. 
2)  It bothers me that my fishy seems so alone contrasted to my framed poster on the other side of the shelves in the den and I wanted something that would also be 12X12 to go under it to balance it out. 

So of course I searched etsy and fell in love. Today's etsy spotlight is on one seller because their stuff is THAT good. The seller is buckscountyframes. They are all fine art photographs. Here's a few I'm loving:

Orange Ride

Grand Wheel


Shoot into the Light

San Francisco

In winning the lottery so I can buy all Carl's work,

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