Friday, February 11, 2011

Slow Progress is Progress.

The weather has really put a damper on our progress. Monday, John couldn't work because of the snow. Tuesday he worked a lot. Wednesday he had an appointment and when it was over it was a small blizzard. They worked again today - so got some progress in... but slowly. 

Kitchen as of now looks pretty similar to the last update:
If you look to the bottom left of the picture, around the window, and around the pantry door, you can see that the trim is back on. If you look to the top right, you can see that I picked a color - Crushed Rock, which is a United color that I got at Sherwin Williams. I'm not sold on it in the kitchen but like it for the den so I am thinking on it. 

Also accomplished recently, my mom and I tackled more painting projects. In addition to painting the trim (as seen above), we also painted both hallways (which were the last remnants of the ubiquitous white in our house when we bought it):

The front hallway got a coat of Bee's Wax like the living room and dining room:
 The back hallway got Rainwashed (also Sherwin Williams) - the back bathroom will eventually get that color too in order to tie it together. Also, John built the dressing area for this hallway:

 (To the right you can see the bathroom, still green but not for long). I'm going to put a vanity light and mirror on the wall and add a chair for my dressing area - this used to be a door way and we created a "master suite" out of it. 

Since painting, I am now stuck with a decor problem. My folk painting from Trolley Stop clashed with the color and so it got a new home in the den, which leaves a blank spot on the wall:
 I was thinking about getting some sort of artsy type thing to go there but I don't exactly know what. 

Today we had a snow day and so I got to see the cutest thing - all three boys snuggled up together on the futon. I'll leave you with that:

Happy Friday,
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Hilary Dow Ward said...

You had a snow day Thursday and Friday? Or just Thursday?
I think you should put something in a black frame that would match the frames of the other two pieces you have hanging there. Photos possibly from San Fran or your summer trip. That'd be neat. Also, I think those two big pictures of you and Jake you have on your night stands would be neat hanging in that hallway. Do a big gallery wall of photos of the two of you, that'd be cute.
Regardless, something in a black frame would be my though on what to hang there.

Everything looks great, I'm so excited for your house!


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