Friday, February 4, 2011

I've been outed as a blogger.

So, tonight Jake told our contractor that not only have I been taking pictures every single night of this kitchen project, but that I blog about it. As normal as blogging is to me in the virtual world, in the real world some people think of it as kind of weird. It was worth a good laugh but also I realized I'd been outed as a blogger, as one of those "weirdos." 

 Today brought big changes in the kitchen. We finally got our floor installed after our saga yesterday and the electrician came by to install our light fixtures and switch plates. The pictures aren't award-worthy because the floor must be covered with a drop cloth until we strip and wax them (oh yeah, didn't tell us that when we bought them!) but I pulled the cloth back enough to photograph. Also hard to photograph because there are sawhorses up with our trim so I can paint it this weekend before it gets put on the wall. So - the pics:

Floor is from Kiser here in Memphis, it is Armstrong brand linoleum.

Temporary counters and old sink are in the pic but focus on the new lights!

 New lights - two sets of track from IKEA and a schoolhouse pendant from 

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