Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makin' Easy Money.

A while ago, I waxed eloquently about sectional couches. When we started demo-ing the kitchen, I decided to post our appliances and cabinets on our old buddy Craig's List. I set a goal for how much I wanted - I decided I was going to buy a sectional couch. 

I posted the cabinets, fridge, range, and dishwasher on Sunday, using these pictures:

After viewing those pictures, who wouldn't want to come scurrying....right? Well, surprisingly, people weren't scared off by the 1970s vibes being thrown every which way. People called. People texted. And, by Wednesday night, people came. We ended up selling all four things, earning enough money to justify going sectional shopping. 

Sectionals.... I wanted one for our living room (it is bigger) but Jake had a point - who can justify owning an awesome sectional and putting it in the living room, which is a room worthy of intellectual conversation, visitors, and the like? A sectional is for lounging. For falling asleep as Jake plays Geometry Wars on Xbox once again. And so we plotted and schemed to get a sectional to fit our den. Our narrow, small den. 

The result? Off we were to get ourselves a sectional! We measured and decided we could get a couch+chaise combo with 62 inches for the chaise and still have room to walk through the den. So... its a sectional, albeit a small one. Small but mighty. 

Here's Manchester the sectional in the store - check out that price tag. Thanks, President's Day! (iphone pic alert!)

We're going to pick it up Saturday. All in all, with taxes, we ended up not even spending all of our CraigsList money. Good thing because we had to hit up Lowe's right afterwards to buy a light fixture for the front hall. 

So that is the story of how we got a free sectional due to some Craig's List hard work. 

In Craig's List,
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PS - I'll make sure to post Manny the sectional in all his glory in our den once he arrives and we get ourselves arranged. Don't you worry!

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