Saturday, February 5, 2011

The universe was on my side today.

This morning, I ran around doing all sorts of errands. I set out at 10:00AM and came back at 1PM without even a stop for lunch. I got a lot accomplished and truly the universe was on my side today (and now I am knocking on wood - day's not over...). Here's why:

1) I got a few clearance placemats for our utility shelf for the pantry. I liked the design. I showed them to my contractor and he suggested getting some more to put in the bottom of our cabinet drawers as liners (they fit perfectly).  I was worried since I got them weeks ago there would be no more. I hauled it out to the Wolfchase Bed Bath & Beyond to find that they did have more - about 200 worth!! I got 16 and plan to line the drawers with them:

 2) After Bed Bath & Beyond, I headed over to Target. The pulls I bought for the cabinets were too wide for our drawers (tall?) and I've also been thinking about getting laundry hampers for underneath our bed side tables (Jake's idea actually). See, we've had a bit of laundry barfing out of our other hampers:

Not attractive. Also hard to open the door all the way. So I set forth with my respective measurements and had much success at Target. Pulls (and knobs to match) the perfect size (1 and 3/8ths of an inch tall) for less than the others I bought, a hamper that was exactly the dimensions I needed, and a bonus, an entry mat on clearance in our living room colors:

 3) Back at Bed, Bath & Beyond (forgot about this one in #1), I had seen a pink boxy basket and decided to get it to see if it would fit in my newly built tower for my soon to be dressing area. Got it home and it turns out it fit - perfectly!
 All in all, much success today on the shopping front! Also snagged a gift for a friend and a small (unromantic but awesome) Valentine's gift for Jake.

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

OH this sounds like a FUN trip! Good for you for finding all the goodies!


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