Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Painted Kitchen.

This weekend could be titled "slaving away in the kitchen." We worked all day Saturday and Sunday in the kitchen, trying to get things accomplished towards our goal. We...

- painted the "Crushed Rock" on the walls
- spackled the nail holes in the trim/sanded them
- primed and painted the remaining trim (insides of doors and the window)
- primed and painted the pantry door
- stained some trim for the dining room
- listed a whole bunch of stuff on craigs list (old cabinets, old appliances, etc)

All of this is working towards our goal of appliances in by mid-week. John will caulk tomorrow, then I can touch up trim tomorrow night. On Tuesday night I can clean and wax the floors (since we'll finally be done with the messy stuff), and Wednesday he can move in appliances!

Here's a glimpse of our messy progress with the new paint color:
At first I was distraught over the color but now I am really liking it! What I'm not liking - all that clutter on the counters. Oh well... still some work to be done.

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