Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sectional News.

After purchasing the sectional only to wait for its arrival, the time finally came: when we would haul ourselves back out East, load up the sectional in Jake's family's suburban, and cross our fingers that it fit since we were too cheap to pay the $100 delivery fee. 

And so with the help of our dear buddy Travis, Jake headed out tonight to get our guy (Manny the sectional is a boy. Manchester is his full name). The plan was to take two trips - one piece for each trip. The store closed at 9 but little did we know that the loading part closed at 8. As Jake was going to leave to come back and get the other piece, he was told this information. I got a call when they were about halfway home letting me know that the other half was strapped to the top of the suburban. Mind you - it was supposed to storm tonight, starting at any moment at this point....

But they made it here in time, sectional in one piece, no rain (the rain is starting right now actually.. held off well for us). And as the guys huffed and puffed putting it in place, all I could do was grin! Check it out:
 And just for fun... an outtake of the photo-shoot, when all three animals decided that THEY loved the couch too:

In my new refrigerator making scary sounds in the middle of the night, subsequently waking me up,

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jamestabor said...


We just purchased this same set. How has it held up? Has it broke down much ? Thanks.

Unknown said...

We love it! It seems to be holding up well so far and we have two dogs and a cat that give it a lot of use.


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