Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kitchen floors.... soon.

Well, it was so cold today that the flooring people came to put down the leveling compound and when they came back 5 hours later, it wasn't dry yet. So they'll be back first thing in the morning. So I didn't get my floors today after all. But you better believe I'll still blog about them. 

I started out lusting after checkerboard floors after seeing painted wood floors in a house we looked at during the home search. I actually started blogging about these checkerboard floors (the progression went painted wood to cork after deciding buying wood floors just to paint was dumb) back almost exactly a year ago: "Project Kitchen: Put a cork in it?"

This is the original picture of cork checkerboard I fell in love with (via Country Living and the rest of the blog world) but I soon learned from our flooring specialists here in town that Memphis is too humid for the glue to adhere on this cork (and I believe it after my cork squares wouldn't stay on the wall in the office!). They actually wouldn't install it for us and the warranty would be void because it is such a problem. 

Bummed, we started exploring other options. My mom (the style maven she is) mentioned reading somewhere in budget flooring blog land about linoleum floors, which I sort of scoffed at. And yet about a month later I found a picture of a floor that I fell in love with via a random blog from google search:
 This picture was posted (with no credit) as an inspiration idea for a blogger pondering checkerboard flooring - how perfect for me! We ended up going with this option (very affordable versus cork and wood) and choosing a bit brighter of a color combo (sort of the colors in the picture below, which I saved from the manufacturer's website):
We're sticking with the diagonal checkerboard but we're going with a butter/cream color for the floor. 

All in all, I'm very excited to finally see the floors after all this thought and time. It is definitely the biggest risk of the kitchen and I hope it pays off. Little did I know when getting into this but apparently these linoleum floors (which the design world calls marmoleum) in the checkerboard style are all the rage. Who knew I was so trendy?


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