Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art for the kitchen.

After trolling around on etsy for some time the other day in search of art for the wall that is in the kitchen and the den, I found something that I think will be perfect. And I ordered it. So if you don't think its perfect, deal. But you will. Because it is:

 It's from the etsy shop erinsmodernart and I asked her to make the "Spring" tree yellow like our floors so we end up with yellow, green, and red, which are our main colors in the kitchen. They are four rectangular panels and they are going to go along the back wall. It is a commission so it will take two weeks to come in. I can't wait!!

In being patient waiting for awesome art,
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Our Volunteer Family said...

I love it!

emwvaughan said...

Love the art! I didn't realize that you could get customized pieces from etsy.


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