Friday, March 18, 2011


For my birthday I got this great sideboard/small buffet piece from an estate sale here in town:
 I love it - in the new kitchen it is sitting along the back wall. I got some baskets that are on the lower shelf and I'm putting our outdoor entertaining things in them. 

As you can tell, the knobs need some love. I actually really like the plain look of the black painted knobs but one is super scratched up and I can't replicate that old of a paint job. Anthropologie knobs are all the rage, so I decided to head out to Germantown to check out what the buzz was all about. I was overwhelmed for two reasons - the options and the PRICES! So here are some options - I need help.

1) Red with gold - I like these because they are fancy and have the gold like the small detail on the buffet. I don't like that they are almost too fancy.

 2) I love that these have maps, which is a nod to my profession, but I don't like the price tag at 10$/knob. They are also the largest and might be too big?
 3) I love these yellow ones since our floor is that color. I love the flower look that makes the buffet feminine. The only thing I'm scared of is making the buffet look too bumble-bee with the black and yellow.
 4) I like the idea of these coral knobs because we have a lot of red in the kitchen.
And, after hearing that Hobby Lobby has knobs for cheaper that are Anthro knock-offs, I checked out their website and found these I like too:
 I love the price ($3 instead of $8-$10) and I think the vibe is right for our kitchen... but is it as cute as the Anthro ones?

Comment away - I need your help!

In knowing that a lot of choices is a good thing,
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Robyn said...

I love the Anthropologie knobs...the coral is my first choice, and the yellow my second. :)

lauren @ gathering moss said...

i vote option #1. like the similar holob ones too, but you only need 4, so it's not like the anthro splurge is too ridiculous. the anthro ones aren't too fancy either, because the piece has an aged finish to tone it down, and your kitchen doesn't have an overly fancy vibe. a little splash of fance would be a great touch, i think, especially to bring in some red!


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