Saturday, March 19, 2011

A first.

It all started Tuesday night.... I was at Elise's and she had gotten sushi for dinner. We were hanging out and she offered a piece. I explained that I don't eat sushi, that I had never had any. 

See... I have this thing about fish. I don't like fish. Especially raw fish. And the black paper thing (what is that, anyway?) freaks me out. And I just don't eat sushi. 

So Elise offered a roll that was cooked and was crab, not fish. I figured it was worth a shot, since Jake loves sushi and I always hold him back from going to sushi places. She dipped it in the soy sauce, I put it in my mouth and WOW. Loved it. 

Immediately I declared that I was going to Sekisui for lunch the next day to get more of this roll - the Redbirds roll. Jake and I made plans to go and my dear friend Rachael met us for this momentous occasion:

A set of rolls that were mine, all mine. I took the shrimp off the top, which Jake gladly ate - I don't do shrimp. I ate all the rolls but one. And while I'm not a sushi fanatic yet, I did enjoy it quite a bit. 

Here's to branching out and trying new things (slowly...let's not get ahead of ourselves),
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