Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fro-Yo War.

Unless you've been living under a hypothetical rock, you probably know that the new hot trend (that isn't so new or hot anymore) is to open a Self Serve Frozen Yogurt store. In fact, I have blogged about it in the past! Well, considering my love of the frozen stuff, I have had my fair share of FroYo. It has, of course, all been in the name of blogging and was a burden I just had to bear. 

Mostly I hit up YoLo or Sweet Cici's but recently I went to the newest FroYo establishment, Yogurt Mountain:
The inside was dark (purposefully) with bright purple and green decor. It was very small and narrow. I didn't so much care for the vibe. The fro-yo was ok - the flavors would probably be ones that kids would like (blue cotton candy was the newest when I was there) but I liked my birthday cake flavor as much as the next place. 

Honestly, though - I prefer Sweet Cici's birthday cake flavor. I went there recently with my friend Hilly:

 I do like Sweet Cici's but here's the bottom line... having meticulously tested the froyo at each of the three Memphis establishments (YoLo, Sweet Cicis, and Yogurt Mountain), I really feel that the froyo itself is pretty standard. What makes a difference for me is the atmosphere. 

Atmosphere wise, for me YoLo wins that war. Especially being closer (Midtown YoLo!) but just in general the layout, colors, and feel is my favorite. I love that they reach out to local vendors, I love that they moved to Midtown. 

And now, I love YoLo even more because they have gelato. Now don't get me wrong - I love the froyo but I love love love gelato even more. And now I have a place down the street to get it!
 I got the mint because I was craving it but my mom got the Marscapone and it was very good. I'll probably get that next time (the mint was great too). 

I'm just going to go ahead and say you should get some gelato at YoLo Midtown...
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lauren @ gathering moss said...

on behalf of memphians everywhere, thank you for your hours of selfless research. yolo will be one of my first stops after lent ;)


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