Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lenten Promise: Make my Marinara Sauce

In conjunction with this whole eat-at-home-as-a-discipline-and-cleansing-lifestyle thing, last night I made a homemade marinara sauce, adapting several recipes I came across and sort of just going with the flow. I got some fresh angel hair pasta (fresh is the way to go, peeps) and threw some pepperoncinis on top with some fresh grated romano cheese (no cool grater a la Carrabba's though) for the total effect:

If you're looking for an easy dinner, this may be right up your alley - just make sure you plan well because the way I did it involved little prep but a lot of cooking time. 

You need:
pasta (your choice but go ahead and get fresh angel hair)
2 cans (big cans, the 28 ouncers) of crushed tomatoes
carrots (I bought a bag of the pre-peeled baby kind), chopped (about 15 baby carrots)
garlic (three cloves, chopped)
onion (2 onions but I totally bought the pre-chopped kind because my eyes don't do onion)
Salt and Peppa'
bay leaf (or dried bay leaves)
butter (unsalted stick is best, in my scientific experiments)

1) heat EVOO in large pot, add in about 4 pads of butter
2) put garlic and onion in heated oil/butter mix, let onion get translucent (don't burn garlic!)
3) add carrots, let cook for about 5 minutes so carrots get tender
4) add crushed tomatoes, some salt and pepper, and two bay leaves (or some shakes of the dried stuff), reduce to simmer and let sit for one hour

meanwhile, make your pasta - you know how to do that, right?

And then - ENJOY!
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