Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pantry Business.

When we moved in our house, the pantry (or what should have been - it is a large closet off the kitchen) housed an archaic washer and dryer as well as our HVAC and water heater. Our very first project in this house was to move the washer and dryer so we'd have a real pantry.

What that meant was putting in some free/hand me down shelves in and being ecstatic that we had storage space:
It was nothing fancy (you can see in this picture that the utilities take up a lot of room and the floor is sort of funk-nasty). But it was OUR pantry. 

Well, with this renovation we took the pantry a step further. With a helpful reminder from my mom, I remembered that I had a huge utility shelf in the garage left over from my college days. We put it together and slid it into the pantry. I picked up some baskets at Big Lots for $1/each and organized all our dry food by type. Here's the result:
We were also able to put the recycling and dog food in the pantry with the switch up which means our new kitchen won't have that out in it. Every little upgrade counts!!

In having an entire basket dedicated to baking goods,
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