Friday, March 11, 2011

Lenten Challenge: Tamales and Rice

In keeping with my promise to cook more at home and enjoy time with Jake, we made dinner at home on Thursday night. Mind you - that is four nights in a row cooking at home. Just saying. We're doing well. 

We bought Mama Rosa's Tamales from the freezer section of Schnuck's on Union. Now, this sounds super shady but they weren't just any frozen food. They were fresh, local tamales in the "hippy" section of the frozen foods (with the organic, vegan things but these were neither). They came in a yellow Styrofoam tray and were a steal at about $5 for 6 beef tamales. 

They had instructions to steam in a veggie basket on the stove so we did just that - adding a bit of Mexican grated cheese at the end to melt over the top. We served with Mexican rice:
If you're from Memphis, I definitely recommend checking out these tamales! Easy meal.

In finding more things that are easy to make for dinner,
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