Thursday, March 17, 2011

House Tour: Den up-do

As I mentioned, we got a new sectional (Manny) for the den. With the new sectional, the new media center, and the new kitchen, we had some changes going on. 

With these changes, I had a plan: I had sold my slipper chairs from the living room and Craig's List and we got a refund for part of the money from the counters (Lowe's overcharged us) and so of course that money was burning the hypothetical hole. I started thinking about a club chair for the den to add more seating. I wasn't expecting to find anything. I just was thinking. 

Then.... I walked into T.J. Maxx with my mom. I was on a mission - a pillow mission. As I walked back to the pillow section, there it was. It? It was a club chair. Lane brand. RECLINED. Best part? Right at what we had budgeted for - mind you, we budgeted thinking we could buy a Big Lots club chair. And here this one was - perfect. Real. Legit. Comfy. Substantial. 
 Tyson models the chair once it is home. The chair announces "I recline!"

I told my mom to sit in the chair and ninja chop anyone who tried to steal it from me while I ran up front to ask them what to do - see, we still had plenty of shopping to do but I needed this chair to be mine. The lovely lady at the front told me not to fret, that they would put it up front for me while we shopped. And so we shopped some more - like two baskets more. 

After much trying on and such, we went up front and paid for this sucker (I did have to beat a few people away that were checking it out sitting up there while we shopped, no lie). Thanks to the wonderful manager who loaded it in my car (T.J. Maxx on Summer is where its at!), we got him home (him? he looks masculine, right?) and in the den:
He's now in his new spot, right next to the new media center. I moved the shelf over to the other side with the new arrangement - oh and a first glimpse at the view from the den now that the wall is gone! Used to be a wall there where the media cabinet is. 

Also, got two of our photo session pictures made into canvases with a Living Social deal. Love it! If you ever need pictures done, I really recommend Amy Dale!

In saving up so we can get rid of the paneling in the den,
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