Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in Nashville.

Sunday was spent driving to Nashville and presenting at our Camp Gailor Maxon Open House. This was very exciting - there were tons of people there, familiar faces and new faces, and we had a very productive meeting before hand. I had driven up by myself and left my car at one of our leadership team's houses. Well... she got a text from her husband when he got home that my tire was flat:
 So there was no going to Memphis on that tire.... I'm just so glad it went flat in the driveway and not on the interstate! So luckily we had some handy men around. Connally's husband Charlie and my co-director Charles Houston went about assessing the situation and after seeing that there was a sizable hunk of nail in my tire, decided the best course of action was to go to a service station (my spare was a small tire, not full size). It was a Sunday so of course nothing was really open, but luckily right by them a place that has been around for years called Little Brothers in the Shell station in Brentwood was open.

We got there, met my new hero Avery, and got to business:
We soon met the offending nail, which ended up being about 5 inches in length:
 (Charles Houston, the car expert and hand model helped save the day). They said it was a "mortar nail" used in heavy construction so who knows where I picked it up. Well so Avery the Service Guy patched the tire:
 And all the while my baby sat with her bare parts exposed to the world. I now know what it feels to take your child to the pediatrician:
But luckily $35 dollars and 30 minutes later we were on our way, back on the road. With other than a little damage to my driving-confidence, all was fine and well. 

Until our next adventure,

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