Friday, March 11, 2011

Sausage, Feta, and Spinach Pizza.

In the spirit of Lent and my promise to be more diligent about cooking dinner at home, in my fabulous new kitchen, with the company of my wonderful husband, we set about making our third meal in of the week, a family staple of pizza. 

As I mentioned, I had purchased 12 items to make three meals so the same types of ingredients are in this pizza that were in the Breakfast for Dinner meal of the prior night... but they are things that we love so we're ok with that!

Our love affair with making our own pizza continues and we always try to think of fun new ways to do our pizza. Wednesday night's pizza had:

- spicy sausage
- thinly sliced fresh tomato
- spinach
- feta
- garlic
- tomato sauce
- pizza seasoning

And the best part? Preparing it on our new countertops:
 Check out all that room on our island now thanks to the media center on the other side. We're loving all the prep space (now to keep it clutter free...). 

And our pizza out of the oven? Divine.

In finding even more things that involve feta and spinach to get my moneys worth of those ingredients,
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