Friday, March 18, 2011

A Girl's Afternoon.

What is Spring Break for if it isn't for having fun with your friends and doing things on a whim? After posting a picture of some new shoes I was particularly excited about on facebook, I declared I needed a pedi. Stat. Robyn came to the rescue and before I knew it, I was booking two pedi appointments for Wednesday at 4. 

We went to a favorite, Nail Bar on the Island. I highly recommend it - the price is moderate (not too high, not cheap), everyone speaks English (this may seem like a stupid thing to say but I've gotten the wrong thing before at the nail shop because they didn't understand me), it is very clean and relaxing, and they have movies playing on TVs all around!

Robyn and I had a great time - it was good to catch up with such a sweet friend. I'm so proud of her progress with her ankle - here's to the first pedi post surgery!

I went with a moody dark purple to be different than my typical bright pink:
 (cute toes, cute shoes, cute floor.)

And after a wonderful relaxing time at the Nail Bar, we were on our way back to the car and had an impromptu snack at Little Eclectic - after Robyn gasped that I had never had their cheddar bacon scone. 

We split one said c-b-scone - insider's tip from Robyn is that you can ask them to heat it up on the grill. Do it. This scone changed my life. It was divine. I dream about this scone now. 
 Even after the crumbles of scone were gone, we continued on with good conversation. After all, isn't that what a girl's afternoon is all about? Thanks for the great time, Robyn!

In not being sure whether Cafe Eclectic being so close is a good or bad thing,
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Robyn said...

So much fun! Let's do it again soon!


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